Sue Lamb

Realtor ®

Telephone: (1) 626-862-0221


Meet Sue Lamb, a dedicated and experienced real estate agent who has been serving the San Gabriel Valley cities for over 15 years. With a passion for helping people find their dream homes, Sue has built a reputation for her exceptional knowledge of the local real estate market and her personalized approach to each client’s needs. 

Beyond her expertise in real estate, Sue is known for her love of animals and gardening. She has a warm heart for furry friends and often volunteers her time at local animal shelters to support and care for abandoned animals. In her free time, you can find her tending to her beautiful garden, nurturing plants, and creating a peaceful oasis. 

Sue specializes in the charming communities of Sierra Madre and Monrovia. Her in-depth understanding of these areas allows her to provide valuable insights to both buyers and sellers, ensuring they make well-informed decisions throughout the real estate process. Before her successful career in real estate, Sue had an exciting career as a travel agent, helping people plan memorable journeys and adventures around the world. 

This background has honed her communication skills and ability to understand her clients’ desires and preferences, making her a highly effective negotiator and advocate in the real estate world. Sue Lamb’s dedication to her clients, her passion for real estate, her love for animals and gardening make her an outstanding real estate agent who not only finds homes but also helps create lasting and fulfilling experiences for those she serves in the San Gabriel Valley.



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