Our Story

As we were thinking about our company name, we turned to our past. We looked to those who inspired us to become the exceptional women we strive to be. We didn’t realize it, but it was right in front of our eyes the whole time.

A Home Creates a Memory That Lasts a Lifetime.

Growing up, some of our fondest memories were the car rides we had through Pasadena with Joyce Miller (Peggy’s mother and Nicole’s grandmother). It seemed like she would have a story to tell on every street.
“This is where I fell and skinned my knee roller skating.” “And this is the church Grandpa Lungren built.” “Oh look! I remember this house. One time I accidentally locked my mother out.”

At the time, we didn’t think much of it, until we did a little family research. Then so our story began. 

Let Us Tell You About Our History

Our family immigrated to Pasadena in the 1920’s to live out their American Dream; A dream to give their children a better life, to help others by giving back to their community, and to bring passion to their life’s work. They survived the Great Depression through hard work and imagination.
Jennie Lundgren Hatlen was our grandmother, and great-grandmother. She was an immigrant from Sweden who flipped houses in Los Angeles during the Great Depression. While she focused on real estate, her husband John Hatlen, an immigrant from Norway, ran a popular tailor shop for women called Hatlen Tailors.

A Property Creates Wealth That Lasts for Generations.

With their three children, John and Jennie lived in a total of 13 homes.  During this time, Jennie became a hard working entrepreneur who specialized in real estate and flipping homes.  She was the one who painted, wallpapered, and repaired whatever had to be fixed in order to sell each property and move on to the next investment. Jennie was an incredible woman.  She was A Doer, and she made her dreams become a reality for herself and her family.

It Isn’t Often You Find a 4th Generation Southern California Family with Real Estate in Their Bones.

And so we look to our rich history and move forward as the next generation of entrepreneurs specializing in Southern California real estate. With over 4 decades of combined experience, guiding and supporting our clients as they invest in their future is what we do best. We bring motivation and the can-do spirit we inherited to our clients’ doorstep to help them achieve one of their biggest goals of home ownership and investment.

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The Hatlen Dream is Alive and Well

Much like our ancestors who came before us, we too are The Doers and The Dreamers. We see ourselves as trailblazers because women-owned real estate companies are few and far between. So we honor our family heritage by continuing their legacy.

Let us be the doers that help you be the dreamers. 
We’ve got you!