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We will tailor our services to support each client’s specific


At Hatlen Properties, we thrive in building a trusted relationship with our clients to guide them through the home buying process.

We are the foundation of support to help you find the perfect home in a neighborhood that’s just right for you – from the beaches to the deserts, to the mountains and anywhere in between.

As 4th Generation Southern California residents, we know the history of the area, the real estate value and unique lifestyle that goes with every community. We are experts in finalizing a purchase and facilitating design services that will help you turn a house into a home, creating the perfect fit for your personal style and needs.


At Hatlen Properties, we curate our services to support each client’s specific needs. With over 4 decades of real estate experience and connections, we work with you to create a customized sales strategy from all angles that will get your property seen and sold in a short amount of time.

While our Agent, Design and Photography Team work with you to prepare, style and present your house for market, our Marketing Team develops a tailored campaign to make your property stand out among the rest.

We incorporate a personalized website, content for an engaging social media presence and include your property in a direct-to-buyer email newsletter.

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