What is Japandi Style?

Japandi style is the fusion of Japanese and Scandinavian aesthetics. It is a minimal, warm, and calming look with elements of wabi-sabi intertwined. 

 If you are familiar with Scandi design then you would know the notion of “hygge.” This is the concept of warmth & coziness in design. Basically, your home should be your sanctuary bringing you comfort at all times. 

Then you combine the Japanese idea of “wabi-sabi” which is the notion that there is beauty in imperfection and marry these two elements together and “Japandi” is created. Japanese and Scandinavian design is such a beautiful design marriage in the fact that it is both minimal yet warm and inviting at the same time. When the shared aesthetics come together they create harmony. 

The differences in these two design styles complement each other so well. Japanese style is sleek with Scandinavian is more rustic. The rich yet neutral colors of Japanese design help keep the Scandi stark design from feeling cold. It truly is the most perfect of marriages. 

How to achieve Japandi style in your home?

1. Keep it clean

Declutter. Minimal design is a key element. Stay away from any heavy ornamentation. Think clean lines. 

2. Natural colors

This topic could be up for grabs. While Scandi design usually lends itself to white or neutral palettes, Japanese can have more rich colors. To blend the two design styles think of more natural tones. Black also can be seen in the Japandi color palette.

3. Nature

Wood elements can be seen in both design camps. The natural warmth of wood is revered.  Surface treatments should be kept to a minimum. You can work this into your own home with key furniture. A feature that is seen often is wood-paneled walls. Then introduce natural accents with statement houseplants.

4. Accessorize Carefully

Both design languages call for accessories that prioritize functionality over decoration/ornamentation. A few books, unglazed vases, and/or tableware would be consistent with the Japandi style. Use natural fabrics. 

Above all look for quality & bespoke craftsmanship.