Summer is the season to be outdoors and nothing is more perfect than your own backyard. Whether it be BBQs with friends and family, a glass of wine, or just relaxing with a good book it’s the perfect time and place to enjoy. And better yet no need for traveling to enjoy these things! Here are our simple suggestions to make your own backyard a summer oasis.

1. Inspect and update wooden decks

To make your backyard a summer paradise, take some time to update your deck. Wooden patios and decks can be warped by the elements of weather, so you’ll want to replace or refinish them as needed. Sand, stain, and seal your deck once you’ve made sure it’s structurally sound. If you have a stone deck you can make sure there are no missing pieces.  When this work is finished you will be happy to have an almost new-looking deck you can decorate with patio furniture—creating a relaxing sitting area for summertime.

2. Purchase patio furniture and essentials

Once you have a deck space you’ll want to add some patio furniture to make the entire area a vibe in which you want to relax and enjoy. Consider purchasing weatherproof patio furniture. It can be more pricey but remember you get what you pay for and you want it to last for years. 

Get the basics including some lounge chairs, an umbrella, a hammock, and an outdoor table so that you can enjoy all types of situations. If you throw in an outdoor fire pit it’s even more of a win! It’s a simple feature that you can even build yourself! 

3. Add colorful cushions and pillows

You’ll want to add color to your patio so it’s eye-catching and inviting. Buy some beautiful throw pillows and cushions to enhance your furniture. So many options here to round out your space so it is your own style whilst making it so cozy.

4. Get a rug for the patio

Consider adding a rug to the patio or deck area to make the space feel cozier. Outdoor rugs vary in material, size, and shape and are generally made to last in all types of weather. They make a great addition to your space, and can also protect your deck.

5. Outdoor lighting

Let’s be honest, outdoor lighting can make your backyard truly a magical space.  Think of outdoor string lights to create a fairy-tale effect in your backyard. In addition to the decorative lighting, You’ll want to consider adding a sensor for a sense of security. Smart lights are a great way to ensure the backyard is lit and kept safe. Lastly do not forget candles!

6. Make the backyard private

Nobody wants people peeking into their backyard sanctuaries! Be creative when thinking of ways to ensure better backyard privacy. This can be done with landscaping and fences.  Not only does it ensure privacy, but it is an essential safety measure.

7. Update your landscaping

Backyard landscaping is a make-it-or-break-it. It’s essential to take time to landscape to create an outdoor paradise. This doesn’t mean you need extravagant plants or trees to make your backyard grand. Simply take some time to give your yard a little TLC. Cut back unruly trees and bushes, pull weeds, cut the lawn, and plant flowers around the yard. These simple things will make a world of difference. You’ll have your own secret garden in no time!

Summer is the best time to truly enjoy the outdoors. If you take the time and care to update your backyard we can promise you will have so many wonderful memories to come. Happy summer!